AFLAC Horror Story -- Aflac lied to me, wrongfully denied disability claim

My "AFLAC horror story" page hasn't been updated in a long time. More pressing things have taken priority--like a brain tumor, the craniotomy to remove it, and the life-threatening complications that followed.

Someday I may update it again. Until then, thanks for the ZILLIONS of hits it's gotten, usually as a result of web searches such as:

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and so on--and I have the screenshots to prove it. If you look at the screenshots, notice how many people are looking for information on lawsuits against AFLAC! So, yeah, I'm definitely not the only one screwed by them...

If you're one of the many people who've been screwed by AFLAC--and you probably are, since you ended up here!--don't despair, and don't remain silent. Go to the Better Business Bureau's Columbus, Georgia web site and file a complaint. Their complaint form is very comprehensive and lets you give all pertinent information regarding your complaint against AFLAC. When I went there my intent was simply to file a complaint, just for the sake of filing a complaint so it would be on the books. I had no expectation of getting a response, or even a possible resolution, from AFLAC. However, the last question in the complaint process asks what your desired outcome is. So get busy! Get over there and file your complaints. Be very clear and very specific, providing facts, not opinions. I heard back from the BBB within a day or two of filing my complaint, and they heard back from AFLAC a couple days after that. I'm now waiting for AFLAC to follow through on their stated plan to contact me directly due to privacy issues.

Particular thanks go to AFLAC for stopping by so often! Too bad you're not as dilligent about honoring your PAYING customers' policies as you are about checking up on how many complaints people have written about you.

Honorable mention for stopping by goes to my sister who, despite never having attended medical school, knows more than the four neurosurgeons who removed my brain tumor! (Inside joke. :) ) Well, she THINKS she knows more than the four neurosurgeons who removed my brain tumor, via large craniotomy. Okay, she probably knows that she doesn't know more than the four neurosurgeons who performed brain surgery on me, but she wants people to THINK she knows more. Whatever!