» Animal rights/anti-hunting/vegetarian merchandise
» Anti-Obama, pro-Clinton, political merchandise
» Computing, Linux/UNIX, anti-windows merchandise
» Dance, ballet merchandise
» Gay-friendly, pro-gay marriage merchandise
» Humor, hobbies, sports merchandise
» Military, veterans, patriotic merchandise
» Pregnancy, breastfeeding, children's merchandise
» Pro-choice, childfree merchandise
» 50 United States merchandise

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Please enjoy our free avatars! We have a variety of sizes and subjects to choose from. All of the designs come from slogans on merchandise at our web site.

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Animal-related avatars -- vegan, vegetarian, anti-hunting, anti-captivity, etc.
Computer-related avatars -- Linux, UNIX, geeks, anti-windows, programming, system administration, etc.
Dance-related avatars -- ballet, dance students, dance teachers, etc.
Gay-friendly avatars -- pro-gay marriage, LGBT equality, etc.
Humorous avatars -- humor, funny sayings, some sarcasm, etc.
Military/patriotic avatars -- active military, veterans, patriotic, etc.
Politics-related avatars -- political, anti-Obama, pro-Hillary Clinton, etc.
Pregnancy avatars -- coming in [your month], breastfeeding, childbirth, etc.
Pro-choice avatars -- women's rights, abortion rights, child-free
Sports/hobby avatars -- hobbies, pastimes, sports, etc.
State natives avatars -- for natives of the 50 United States
Gay state natives avatars -- for gay natives of the 50 United States
State non-natives -- for people not born in the state they're living in